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Fungal and bacterial infections


Bacterial infections tend to occur in bad water conditions. Low levels of disease-causing bacteria are always around in the aquarium.

The bacteria and fungus that cause fish diseases are always present in aquariums (although specific species may be introduced with new fish) but will rarely cause a problem if you have good water quality and healthy fish.

Avoiding stress and keeping healthy water conditions are key to avoiding fish disease.  Regularly test your water for abnormalities in ammonia, nitrate, nitrite, pH - and correct any problems, if necessary. 

Poor aquarium hygiene and poor water quality are the key factors in most disease outbreaks.

Fungal diseases; cotton wool disease, mouth rot, fin rot, and body fungus, are often a secondary infection of an open wound or damaged scales, caused by:

  • aggression from other fish in the aquarium, either fighting or when breeding.
  • damage caused by handling such as netting fish.
  • parasite infections cause have a two-fold impact; firstly, the parasite creates a small opening on the skin allowing disease in. Secondly, the irritation of the parasites cause the fish to scratch and flick against objects, resulting in scratches and wounds.
  • ulceration from an internal bacterial infection.

So what's the solution?

Treat fish with obvious ulcers, wounds and fungal diseases using Anti Fungus and Finrot which is both an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal treatment.

Observe the behaviour of the fish to ensure there is no fin nipping or fighting that will encourage further outbreaks, and address all the above points to prevent worsening, or repeated infection.

Using Aquilibrium First Aid Salt with the treatment will help your fish recover, it works as a supportive tonic, making the natural processes fish use to stay alive far easier to manage.

Key areas to consider and regularly monitor to prevent outbreaks and aid recovery: