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Which fish swim where?


There are so many different fish types, shapes and sizes for you to include in your aquarium. But how should you choose the ideal combination of species for a balanced, harmonious look?

Different breeds of fish prefer to occupy different parts of the aquarium. That’s due to differences in their natural habitats and physical build.  Some fish like to be at the top, others will prefer life at the bottom of your aquarium.

Keeping a variety of fish with different depth preferences will help you achieve a more balanced looking aquarium with plenty of interest.

For inspiration, here are a few ideas of fish species that you can keep in a tropical aquarium, and where they tend to spend their time.

Bear in mind this is an example only, and you’ll need to take growing sizes and compatibility into account, as well as the capacity of your own aquarium. See – How many fish?

Top swimmers

Siamese Fighter (Betta)

Betta, otherwise known as Siamese Fighters, are very attractive fish that come in many colours; commonly blue or red. The males have impressive, long fins but are territorial and should be kept alone, or only with females.

Never keep two males in the same tank and avoid keeping with fish that like to nip fins. Adult size (without fins) up to 3".


Guppies are colourful, fun, active little fish that will liven up a community aquarium. The males are more colourful with bright fins and tails, available in a rainbow of colours - sometimes patterned.

These fish are livebearers, meaning the females give birth to live young rather than laying eggs.

Keep males and females together and you'll soon have new additions to your aquatic family. Guppies come in various sizes but can grow up to 2.5"

Bottom swimmers
Algae eaters & others