Where to buy

Locating and starting your new aquarium


So, you've just got your new aquarium and you're itching to get it set up. Here is our best advice to help get off to a swimming start!

Our top ten tips for starting a new freshwater aquarium:

1. Positioning your aquarium in your home, office, bedroom or classroom

Ensure your fish tank is placed on a level surface suitable for bearing the weight of your full aquarium -  we recommend you purchase the specific model cabinet for the aquarium (one litre of water weighs exactly one kilogram, so calculate the weight of your aquarium including the weight of the glass tank itself).

Position the aquarium so you can get the maximum enjoyment from it however avoiding:

  • Direct sunlight
  • Extreme temperature variations (next to a radiator)
  • Areas subject to loud noise, vibrations or movement
2. Adding Substrate
3. Adding Décor
4. Installing a heater
5. Installing your filter
6. Filling your aquarium
7. Adding live plants
8. Make the water safe
9. Leave your aquarium to settle
10. Adding fish

And remember...

Seek the advice of your specialist aquatic retailer when purchasing fish; they will be able to help you select a variety of fish which will create a calm and balanced community.

Ensure your retailer knows you have a new aquarium, as it is essential to add fish gradually to a new aquarium over a period of weeks, starting with hardier varieties, and gradually building up to the aquarium’s full complement of fish.