Where to buy

Choosing the right aquarium for you


If you have made the decision to start the fun, beautiful and relaxing journey of fish keeping, you’ll need a home for your new aquatic life – an aquarium.

Selecting the right aquarium for your circumstances will rely on factors that you should consider carefully.

We are not trying to put you off here, we want you to dive-in and enjoy fish keeping, but we also want you to start your new hobby with a clear understanding of what is required so you have a long and pleasurable life with your fish tank.

Some suggestions of Interpet starter aquariums for all sizes and budgets:

Fish Pod Aquariums

These make a great starter set-up. With beautiful curved glass for panoramic viewing and day and night lighting for great looking fish and plants – you can’t go wrong.

The kit also includes:

  • CF filtration
  • a heater
  • a thermometer
  • two water start-up products

Each has a cabinet (available separately) designed specifically to hold the weight of the filled aquarium.

The three aquariums in the range all hold a generous volume of water; 48 litres, 64 litres or 120 litres and prices range from around: £100 and £200 (contact your local aquatic retailer for an accurate price).

Insight LED Aquariums
Aquaverse Aquariums
Nano Aquariums

And finally… 

It is vital to bear-in-mind the ongoing time, money and care that fish require. As living creatures, they deserve as much dedication as any other pet you might choose to keep in your family.

Read through the useful articles in this website and we’ll take you by the hand on your new aquatic adventure.

Now, choose your aquarium, and let’s get going!