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Starting out with plants in a tropical aquarium


There are a wide variety of plants available for the aquarium; both live and plastic. Adding plants not only adds colour and interest to the aquascape but give the fish places to explore, hide and breed.

As with fish, for plants to thrive in your aquarium they need good water quality, food and the right conditions.

Carrying out all the recommended maintenance on your aquarium and caring for the water correctly will ensure good water quality for your fish and plants. 


Take care to plan your aquarium planting (which is similar to creating a landscaped border in a garden), ensure that there is a variety of different height plants with the tallest at the back and shortest in the foreground.

Create clumps of plants with a variety of leaf colours, shapes and textures for best effect. It is always better to start off with too many plants and thin them out later, this helps ensure algae does not have any excess food or light to establish a foot hold in the aquarium.

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