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Choosing the perfect décor & gravel for your aquarium


A beautiful aquarium isn’t just a treat for your eyes, it’s also good for your fish.

Decorating your aquarium makes life more interesting for your fish, keeping them lively and inquisitive. There’s so much choice in aquarium décor that it can become a complicated process, but help is at hand.

Just follow our five easy steps for making your aquarium a more interesting place for your fish and you:

1. Choose your base

The bottom of your tank should be covered with gravel or substrate.

There’s so much variety; have fun choosing between the different shapes, sizes and colours, making it look as natural or colourful as you want.

If you’re planning on keeping live plants in your aquarium then you’ll need a gravel suitable for growing plants; the plants need to be able to spread their roots and take up food.

If you won’t be including live plants, then any aquarium gravel will work; you’ll just need to add enough to ensure it is deep enough to hold your ornaments firmly in place. 

2. Choose the right ornaments
3. Wash your ornaments thoroughly
4. Add your décor to your tank
5. Admire your beautiful aquarium