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Using tap water & topping up


Evaporation and fluctuating water levels are extremely common in aquariums, especially in summer or in very warm homes. Although it may not look like evaporation causes problems, it’s important to top up the water levels regularly.

Evaporation can lower oxygen levels in an aquarium. Fish swimming closer to the water’s edge than usual or gasping at the surface are sure signs that oxygen levels are too low. Adding new water is a simple way to help bring more oxygen into the tank.

If low oxygen levels are frequent (often in summer months), think about adding some extra aeration, such as an airstone and air pump, to increase oxygen levels.

If you have an open aquarium without a lid you could start using an evaporation tray to decrease the loss of water during the warmer months. 

Remember these three important rules when refreshing the water in your freshwater aquarium:

  1. Make the water safe for your fish. Treat tap water with Bioactive Tapsafe.
  2. Use the right temperature water. Allow your water to reach room temperature for coldwater aquariums, or heat it to match the temperature of the tank for tropical set ups.
  3. Don’t overfill your aquarium. Never fill an aquarium past the maximum fill line indicated on either your aquarium or filter.