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Doing an easy water change & general cleaning


Regular water changes are an important part of caring for your aquarium and help you maintain good water quality for the health of the entire aquarium community.

You will need do carry out a 25% water change, clean your filter and have a general clean-up of your tank once a month.

There may be other times when you’ll need to do a water change such as when you start a new aquarium, after testing the water quality, or if you need to treat the water with fish medication.

A water change is simply the removal of a percentage of the aquarium water, which is then replaced with fresh, Tapsafe-treated water. Water changes remove waste and dirt, dilute the build-up of toxic elements and increase oxygen levels in the water – all great for aquarium life.

The video below runs you through the process of a water change to make sure you get the job done efficiently: 

Doing a water change? Here are some other cleaning jobs you can do at the same time. 

How to do a water change:

Step 1 - Testing your water

Start by testing your aquarium water for Ammonia, Nitrate, Nitrite and the pH level using an Complete aquarium dip test kit.

Follow the instructions on the testing kit and make sure you keep a record of your results.

By testing the water at this point, you’ll be able to spot issues and deal with them as part of the water change. You’ll also have a record to come back to during future water tests. 

Step 2 - Turn off the power
Step 3 - Use a gravel cleaner
Step 4 - Tidy up
Step 5 - Clean your filter
Step 6 - Treat and top up
Step 7 - Refilling your aquarium
Step 8 - Prevention is best
And finally...