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Testing & water treatment FAQs


Answers to the questions most commonly asked about testing water and using our water treatments.

New Aquarium Start Up Kit & testing water

When using the New Aquarium Start Up Kit why is the ammonia or nitrite not falling to 0mg/l?
  • Sometimes, when lots of ammonia is present, it prevents the beneficial bacteria from multiplying.
  • When the beneficial bacteria remove ammonia and nitrite, this causes the aquarium water pH to drop. Make sure that the pH has not dropped to 6.4 or below as this will cause nitrification to slow or stop completely.
  • Bacteria require minerals to grow and reproduce. If the water in your aquarium has a KH and GH of 0°dH then this may be preventing the bacteria from multiplying.

All of these problems can be helped by performing a 25% water change to restart the cycle. Make sure the pH is 6.8-8.0, KH is 3-15°dH and GH is 3-14°dH in the water you are adding, otherwise it will not help to solve the problem.


When using the New Aquarium Start Up Kit why is my nitrate really high already?
Why should I test my aquarium water?

Water treatments and treating water

Is it safe for my pets to drink from a treated aquarium?

The short answer is that other animals or humans should not drink water from a treated aquarium.

The chemical components vary from treatment to treatment but as a rule we would not advise allowing pets to drink from any tank, not only for their health, but also for the health of the tank as pets can introduce contaminates to the water.

All Interpet treatments are listed with the National Poisons Bureau who can be contacted by your hospital, doctor or vet.

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Plant Care

Is it safe for fish, inverts etc?

Yes, both products are completely safe to use with all species of tropical and cold-water fish, shrimp, invertebrates, and plants.

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