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General filter FAQs


The only question that is a silly question, is one that isn't asked!
Why has my filter stopped working?

We advise you should check the following;

  1. Ensure that the foams are not blocked.
  2. Is there any damage to the impeller? Is a replacement required?
  3. Ensure that the unit is at the correct water level and is not being run dry.
  4. Check fuse and cable for any damage.
Why would the flow rate drop in my filter?
Why is my filter so noisy?
What do I do if I have a power cut?
Where can I get spare parts for my filter and aquarium?
What are these white stone polos in my filter?
Do I have to replace the fine floss cartridge or can I just wash it?
Do I have to replace the filter/Algaway pad or can I just wash it?
Should I remove all filtration media when using treatments?
Why would the air flow drop from my air pump?