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River Reef Aquarium FAQs


Answers to the questions most commonly asked about our River Reef Aquarium.
Which lights are supplied in the River Reef aquariums?

The River Reef aquariums are now supplied with 2 Daylight light tubes. 

Alternative light tubes can be purchased from your local aquatic retailer.  

Is there an upgrade available so I can fit a skimmer in the MK1 River Reef 50 tank?
How do I fit new fans in the hood of my River Reef?
Can I use a dimmer switch on the River Reef system?
Do I need to remove the black media balls from the mesh bag supplied with the River Reef?
Where can I get hold of a weir for my River Reef?
How do I remove the Power Hub on my River Reef LED Aquarium?
Where can I purchase a Micro Skimmer for my River Reef LED 48L Aquarium?