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Edge Glow Aquarium FAQs


Answers to the questions most commonly asked about our Edge Glow Aquarium.
Can the Blue/Green and White LED Lights be individually controlled?

The Blue and Green LEDs are controlled via the same switch whilst the white is controlled separately. You can therefore run the white and blue/green together, or individually depending on personal preference.

How do I reset the Aquaflash reminder system?
Can I turn off all of the LED lights during the 28 day Aquaflash reminder count down?
Is it a house plant or an aquarium plant which can be added into the Edge Glow planting chamber?
How do I clean the acrylic on the Edge Glow aquarium?
How often should I replace my Edge Glow filter cartridge?
How heavy should I expect the Edge Glow aquarium to be when full?
How can I get hold of spare parts for my aquarium?