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Nitrasafe Nitrate Remover 87g

Reduce nitrate levels in your freshwater aquarium.

Effectively removes nitrate from your aquarium water to help you keep your fish in tip-top condition.

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Key features

• Removes harmful nitrate not removed by most aquarium filters
• Simple to use
• Add directly to your aquarium filter
• Sachet for easy dosage

Product overview

Nitrate levels build up in aquariums as a by-product of the nitrogen cycle. High nitrate levels can also result from agriculture run-off.
Use Nitrasafe to treat aquariums and pre-treat water when refilling after a water change.
One sachet of Nitrasafe can remove over 7000mg of nitrate. One sachet will reduce nitrate from 100mg/litre to 50mg/litre in a 140 litre aquarium.
Nitrasafe is rechargeable with a simple salt solution and can be re-used for several treatments.