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Tri-Spec 2 LED App Controller 2

Second generation of the Tri-Spec Bluetooth Lighting controller.

Control your Tri-Spec 2 and create your own unique lighting preferences or choose from the pre-set biotope modes.

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The best bits...

Easy to navigate, user-friendly app for convenient lighting control

African and Amazonian biotope modes

Various customisable lighting effects

Key features

• Upgraded software and hardware
• Comatible with Tri-Spec and Tri-Spec 2
• Connect to more that one controller
• Lightning effect
• African and Amazonian biotope modes
• Customisable Blue Moon effect

Product overview

If you want to unlock the full potential of your Tri-Spec 2 Max Output lighting, our Bluetooth App Controller is what you need. Take advantage of extra functionality such as setting custom timers, fine tuning the light spectrum or choosing from pre-set biotopes. Gentle sunrise and sunset light transitions recreate a more natural environment and apart from looking stunning, cause less stress to fish. The lightning storm effect can help trigger fishes’ natural spawning behaviour by mimicking the storm season in the tropics. The free and easy to use app is available for both iOS and Android and allows you to control your Tri-Spec 2 from the comfort of your sofa.