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Auto Timer for Insight Aquarium - 40L & 60L

Lighting Auto Timer especially for Insight Aquariums.

The easy way to give your fish and plants a natural and consistent light cycle.

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The best bits...

• Pre-programmed ’10 hours on/ 14 hours off’ lighting cycle for the healthiest aquarium

• Easy to install – push fit locator pins for simple installation

Key features

• Pre-programmed natural lighting cycle: 10 Hours on / 14 hours off for a healthier aquatic environment
• Quick and easy, no-hassle installation
• Discreetly hidden in the aquarium lid under the cable tidy
• Designed especially for Bright White LEDs

Product overview

Sometimes life can get in the way of perfect aquarium care, so it's good to know there are little tricks you can call on to make your life easier without your aquarium suffering.

This this clever lighting Auto Timer is a shining example.

You can be certain your fish and plants will always get the light they need, regardless of whether or not you're around.

Designed especially for the Insight Aquarium, you simply fit the compact gadget inline between the lights and transformer, and you're ready to make things a little easier.

Once you've set up this timer, your lighting will run on a 10 hours on, 14 hours off cycle; perfect for encouraging healthy plant growth and keeping pesky algae at bay. It'll also help you keep excess power costs down as a bonus.