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Tri-Spec 2 Max Output LED 69-80cm

Fully submersible max output LED lighting for healthy coral or plant growth.

An exceptionally bright light that provides a balanced spectrum, bringing out the best in the colours of your aquarium.

Also available in 52-60cm, 90-100cm and 116-124cm versions.

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The best bits...

Max output white, red and blue LEDs for an incredible looking aquarium

Fully waterproof and submersible up to 1 m depth

Easy-fit lighting for all furniture aquariums

Key features

• Max output LEDs and a new Tri-Spec 2 lens system enhance light output and create a brightly lit, beautiful aquarium
• The intense light and balanced spectrum are ideal for coral and very light-demanding plant species
• 8 x 3w White, 3 x 2w Red and 2 x 1w Blue MO LEDs
• Tri-Spec 2 comes in 4 sizes with 3 fitting options: extendable end brackets for direct replacement into flap systems; versatile brackets to retrofit onto any aquarium hood; a suspension kit to hang over open top tanks
• IP67 Water Proof - unlike competitive products the Tri-Spec 2 is truly submersible in up to 1m depth
• Bluetooth controller available separately allows you to fine tune the light spectrum and intensity
• 3 year guarantee
• Designed in the UK

Product overview

Following three years of research and development, Interpet is proud to present Tri-Spec 2, a maximum output aquarium light with a uniquely engineered lens system that delivers unparalleled light output in its class. Its LEDs are tuned to emit the optimal spectrum for growing stunning reefs and lush aquascapes. Designed to be versatile, the Tri-Spec 2 comes in a variety of sizes, with three fitting options and it can be used to replace the lights in any size of furniture aquarium. The lighting unit is IP67 water proof, enabling it to be submersed in depths of up to one metre.
Take control of the lighting levels and on/off timings with the Tri-Spec App Controller upgrade.
Need to know which size Tri-Spec 2 fits your aquarium? See the sizing guide in the image carousel above.