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Start+ LED w/Remote Control 36cm

LED Start Plus Remote, for Goldfish and Community aquariums. Economical and waterproof.

For a bright beautiful aquarium, for bringing the best out of Goldfish and community aquariums with limited plants.

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Key features

• Remote controlled
• Four lighting effects - flash, smooth, fade, strobe
• Fully waterproof
• Moonlight mode
• Fits any aquarium

Product overview

The remote controlled LED Start Plus will create amazing colour and ripple effects in your aquarium, all of them created by you and your own imagination. Make the most of the rainbow colour cycle or use the remote control to choose your favourite effect, colour and brightness level. Perfect for any Goldfish or community aquarium.

These flexible colour change LEDs are fully submersible, easy-to-use, low voltage and incredibly efficient. Either fit them onto your aquarium hood or use the suckers to place them underwater for a completely different underwater lighting effect.