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Start+ LED Blue & White 36cm

LED Start Plus, for Goldfish and Community aquariums. Economical and waterproof.

For a bright beautiful aquarium, for bringing the best out of Goldfish and community aquariums with limited plants.

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Key features

• Ideal for Goldfish
• For a bright and beautiful community aquarium
• Fits any aquarium
• Moonlight mode
• Fully Waterproof

Product overview

Add some extra spark to your aquarium with this brilliant LED light. It mimics natural light by providing a balanced spectrum, so it doesn't matter how dark the corner your aquarium is sitting in. Your Goldfish and Community fish will shimmer in their sparkling glory with the ripple effect.
Switch to bluemoon mode with a flick of the switch and marvel at the soft blue light which will illuminate your tank without disturbing its inhabitants.
The LED Start Plus can easily be attached to your aquarium's hood with sticky pads, glue or screws. Or for a completely different effect you can use the supplied suckers and fit them underwater. The low voltage transformer helps keep things safe and sound, whilst also costing pennies to run, so you can just relax and enjoy your aquarium.