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LED 7w ESL Replacement Lighting - Bright White

See your aquarium in a new light with this replacement screw-fit LED bulb.

More than double the life at less than half the cost of traditional 15W ESL lamps.

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The best bits...

• Universal E27 screw fitting for use in any aquarium using E27 lamps

• Especially designed for the Fishpod and Fishbox aquariums

• Replacement for the 15w ESL lamp

Key features

• Low wattage 0.2w LEDs
• Easy to install for a quick and easy change to LED lighting
• 50% less power consumption for more economical fishkeeping
• Creates a beautiful ripple effect for you to enjoy
• Safe and reliable for your peace of mind

Product overview

Caution - this light will make your aquarium look so beautiful you might spend too much time looking at it!
Your plants will thrive in the balanced spectrum of light, and your fish will sparkle. And that's not just it; the pretty ripple effect will make your tank a real head-turner.