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Kids 20cm LED Single Lighting System - Colour Change

Transform your kids' aquarium with a colourful rainbow of light.

Enjoy all the colours of the rainbow at the flick of a switch.

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The best bits...

• Enjoy all the colours of the rainbow with this fun light

• Underwater feature light option for a dramatic effect

• Create a stunning ripple effect to really turn heads

Key features

• Cycles through a rainbow of colours for a beautiful effect
• Fully submersible waterproof design for your safety
• Fits any aquarium
• Brackets included for easy fitting

Product overview

Take your aquarium into wonderland with these Colour Change LEDs.

These fascinating colour change LEDs will let your children create amazing colour and ripple effects in their aquarium for a completely customised effect. They can make the most of the rainbow colour cycle or use the inline controller to select their favourite colour: blue, purple, pink, red, green, yellow or white. In fact they can have a different colour every day!

These flexible colour change LEDs are fully submersible, easy-to-use, low voltage and incredibly efficient. Either fit them onto your aquarium hood or use the suckers to use them underwater.