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Kids 20cm LED Bright White Single Lighting System - Bright White

Add sparkle and shine to your kids' aquarium with this Bright White LED.

Effective and economical lighting option for any kid's aquarium.

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Key features

• Low wattage 0.2w LEDs
• Economical to run
• Low voltage transformer can be discreetly hidden away
• Inline switch is easy for kids to use
• Fits any kid's model aquarium
• Brackets included for easy fitting

Product overview

Don't let your aquarium sit in the dark, bring it to life and enjoy it with this super-duper LED light.

Give your aquarium the correct light levels and let it thrive. This LED is designed to mimic natural light and provides a balanced spectrum of light, so it doesn't matter how dark the corner your aquarium is sitting in. Your kids will love seeing their fish in their sparkling glory, and you'll love seeing the plants growing and staying healthy. The ripple effect and bright, vibrant colours this light brings will turn your children's aquarium into a stunning centrepiece.

The Bright White LEDs can easily be attached to your aquarium's hood with sticky pads, glue or screws. Or for a completely different effect you can use the supplied suckers and fit them underwater. The low voltage transformer helps keep things safe and sound, whilst also costing pennies to run. Which might mean nothing to your kids, but means peace of mind for you.