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Nano Stat Heater - 10 Watt

Fixed temperature aquarium heater.

Reliably keeps your aquarium at a tropical 25u00b0C.

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The best bits...

• Fits any space and aquarium thanks to its compact design

• Place this flexible heater anywhere in your tank, thanks to the handy suckers and adaptable design

• Thermostatically controlled heater to keep your aquarium at the perfect temperature

Key features

• Safe and durable for peace of mind • Run dry protection sensor helps keeps your aquarium safe • Discreet size lets you hide this little heater away easily

Product overview

This neat little heater takes the guesswork out of keeping your tropical aquarium at the correct temperature. The in-built thermostat keeps your aquarium at a balmy 25u00b0C by sensing the water temperature and automatically turning itself on or off to maintain a stable temperature. Its ideal for maintaining a stable water temperature all year round, making it perfect for tropical fish and most tropical plants.