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River Reef & Kent Marine Bioreef 94L Replacement Super Fine Filter Pads & Carbon

Keep your Aquarium sparkling with health with this filter replacement pack.

Keep your filters working for sparkling clean water and healthier fish.

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Key features

• Easy fit for a quick and simple filter change
• Convenient monthly use helps schedule in replacement with other regular maintenance
• Specific to the River Reef and Kent Marine Bioreef 94L Aquariums

Product overview

Keep your aquarium in sparkling condition by staying on top of your filter care.

Black carbon foam acts as a chemical filter, removing nasties from your aquarium such as heavy metals, chlorine, unwanted treatments and odours. Replace your carbon filters every 8 weeks.

The Super Fine Filter Pads remove even the smallest unwanted particles from the water such as dust or scraps of uneaten food. Replace them every 2 - 4 weeks for sparkling clean water.