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Internal Cartridge Filter CF Mini

Super effective, easy to use and whisper-quiet filter.

Keep your aquarium clean, healthy and algae free with this easy use and quiet filter.

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The best bits...

• Easy fit in any aquarium

• Easy clean for no hassle maintenance

• Includes unique Algae Stopper Spheres

Key features

• Ultimate 5 stage filtration for clean, healthy water
• Clear water guaranteed
• Includes unique algae stopper spheres
• Easy use & easy clean

Product overview

If you're in the market for a new aquarium filter, then you won't be disappointed with the Internal Cartridge Filter CF Mini.
Famously quiet, the CF Mini is a bit of a silent wonder, because behind that silent exterior it's hard at work.

The CF Mini Filter is full of all the essentials you need for a healthy and clean aquarium. Your water will stay balanced thanks to ceramic tubes which host good bacteria. Mechanical floss cartridges sieve out waste and activated carbon purifies the water of any hidden nasties. And if that wasn't enough, clever algae prevention spheres help keep that dreaded green glow at a minimum.

Cleaning your filter is a dream; simply flip up the hinged lid and remove the old cartridge, replacing it with a fresh clean one. It couldn't be easier!
Replacement cartridges are easily available in packs of 1 or 3.