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Freeze Dried Food - Tubifex 5g

Supplement your fishes' diet with these convenient and quality freeze dried foods.

Easy-to-use top quality fish food for a balanced and healthy diet.

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The best bits...

• Easy to crumble texture makes feeding small fish simpler

• Easy to store at room temperature, no special equipment needed

Key features

• Super-convenient freeze-dried food for easy use
• Conveniently floats at the top of the tank so your fish can feed for longer
• No worry about extra cleaning with these non-messy cubes
• Decontaminated to keep your fish free from disease

Product overview

You are what you eat… and the same goes for your fish. So feed them the best with a varied, natural diet. Being gamma irradiated means you can rest assured that all our freeze dried food is completely pathogen-free. So that means no risk of nasty bugs making your fish unwell, unlike when feeding live food.

With its high protein content, Tubifex worm is a traditional favourite and very nutritious. Feed to your fish as part of a staple diet or as a special treat. Depending on the size of your fish you can either drop a cube into your aquarium or break off a small piece and crumble into the water.