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AquaCube LED Aquarium

Bring a dash of colour and style to your home with this little gem of an aquarium.

A perfect choice for fishkeepers who are limited on space or want a second aquarium. The AquaCube is quiet, secure and ideal for anyone looking for an easy maintenance set up.

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Key features

• Integrated bright LED lighting
• The Easy Care Filter keeps water healthy and clear with its 4 stage filtration process.
• Ideal as a coldwater or tropical aquarium

Product overview

The adorable little AquaCube is ideal for turning even the smallest and darkest spot of your home into a sight to behold. Perfect for beginners or for knowledgeable fishkeepers who want a second aquarium, it is the perfect platform for a stunning, compact set up.
It comes with an in-built LED lighting which provides plenty of light for lush plan growth and vivid fish colours. And to top it off there's the CF Easy Care Filtration system. Super-quiet (great for offices and bedrooms), it keeps water clear and healthy, and arrives with all the kit you need to get started.