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Silicone Airline Tubing 2m - Blue

High quality silicone tubing for your airline filter

Reduce airline noise and kinking with this top quality silicone tubing.

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Key features

• For all types of aquarium air pump
• Non-toxic and environmentally friendly for your peace of mind
• Long lasting for great value
• Kink resistant and easy-to-use for hassle free set-up

Product overview

It's often the smallest changes that make the biggest difference. And this Silicone Airline is a great example.

The supple and smooth silicone really reduces the noise level in your airline and pretty much eliminates the kinking which causes irritating airflow restrictions.
It's non-obtrusive, non-toxic and fits easily to any standard air accessory. We'd suggest, however, that you use it with other Interpet air pumps and accessories for the very best environment for your fish and plants.