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16cm LED Bubble Wand - White

Add light, air and a dash of uniqueness to your aquarium.

Create a unique look in your aquarium with this unusual bubble curtain lit with sparkling white LED light.

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Key features

• Flexible wand for creative installation
• Enhanced bubble curtain lit by white LEDs
• Oxygenates your aquarium for healthy, happy fish
• Can be bent around décor for creative fun
• Safe & fully submersible for your peace of mind
• Low voltage for safe and cost-effective running
• Low light level makes it a perfect night light

Product overview

Transform your aquarium with this fun and flexible Bubble Wand.
Suitable for coldwater and tropical aquariums, these unusual Bubble Wands will help you create a unique style in your aquarium.
Wrap the the enhanced bubble curtain around existing decor or plants to create a true WOW! in your aquarium, while providing vital oxygenation to help keep your fish in perfect health.
Fully submersible, low voltage energy efficient LEDS for your peace of mind.
Available in three sizes - 16cm, 34cm, 52 cm.