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22 August 2017

We're live and splashing!

After many long months, we are delighted to be able to officially present our new and super-sized website.

Written in an accessible and friendly style, our expert team – with over ONE HUNDRED YEARS of fish keeping experience between us – have pooled our knowledge to help you make the right decisions in caring for fish and selecting the correct equipment.

The new website www.interpet.co.uk is brimming with useful information including:

  • Fish health and aquarium problem diagnostic tool to pin-point and effectively treat all common aquarium issues


  • Treatment dosage calculator for accurate dosing and re-dosing information for Interpet treatments



If you’re new to fish keeping, you will find the information will support you from your early days as it demystifies aquarium care. Subjects such as "I didn't even know there was such thing as..." The Nitrogen Cycle, choosing the right fish, and how to identify and treat problems are clearly written or presented as easy to follow videos.

But seasoned fish keepers won’t be left behind with on-going, and more in-depth articles and blogs to help select new products to enhance an existing set-up. All this information is super mobile friendly so you can hop onto the site wherever you may be visiting from.


We asked our boss his thoughts - Adrian Exell – Development and Marketing Manager said “Fishkeeping should be fun, not a mystery. That’s why we’ve avoided jargon and excessive science-speak and made sure we’ve filled our website with genuinely useful information in plain English.”

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the site, so pop over to our Facebook page and let us know, equally we'd like to hear what future subjects you’d like us to cover on the blog.

Happy fish keeping!