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Kids Glow Aquarium - 30L

Take fishkeeping to a new level with this fun glow-in-the-dark aquarium.

Ideal for introducing kids to fishkeeping and keeping them involved. The high specification equipment means a healthy and happy aquarium environment.

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The best bits...

• This complete kit lets you set up your aquarium as soon as you're ready

• Ultra bright LED lighting supports healthy plant growth and shows off your fish to their best

• Easy-to-use silent filter makes this the perfect tank for kids' bedrooms

Key features

• Simple set-up means you can get going within minutes
• Glow in the dark silicone makes this a fun addition to children's bedrooms or playrooms
• Draw-on tank adds an extra level of fun to fishkeeping
• Blue and white LED lights stimulate plant health, enhance the appearance of your fish and let you choose a fun evening look.

Product overview

Give your kids the fishkeeping bug with this unique and fun aquarium.

The Kids Glow Aquarium is a fun glow-in-the-dark aquarium which can also be drawn on with the special Kids Glow Pen included in the aquarium kit. Create your own unique games and designs for your aquarium and turn it into an incredible art installation!

It's not all fun, fun, fun though. There's some serious kit underneath going on as well - after all, an aquarium is only ever fun if the fish inside it are thriving. The five-stage filter, blue and white LED lights will keep your fish and plants healthy and happy.